Smart Partnership Program

A program specifically designed to assist Bumiputera contractors who are awarded contracts from the Malaysian Government. With this program, Seagate Global Capital Sdn. Bhd. will finance the purchase of building materials, equipment and machinery (either rental or purchase). This funding is a far cry from loans or factoring methods, plus there will be no collateral needed for the process.

All building materials and equipment supplied are in accordance with the specifications requested by the contractors. If contractors have any existing supplier, it will not cause an issue, because Seagate Global Capital is willing to negotiate and secure the supply of raw materials and equipment from the trusted suppliers of the contractors.

Contractors do not have to apply for loans and debt to complete a project. Besides, contractors do not have to go through a long and complicated process to apply for loans from any agencies.

Seagate Global Capital just needs a copy of Letter Award from the Government and the listing of specification of materials needed.

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