Program Founder

William Lawton

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Lawton founded Seagate Global Group in 1996. Mr. Lawton is responsible for Seagate’s overall philosophy, strategy and investment activities. He maintains close senior level relationships with key governmental and industry leaders in China, South East Asia, and around the world. He is a “market activist” meaning he uses financial markets to help people and the planet while seeking to produce exceptional investment returns. Mr. Lawton has a 30-year history as a professional investor. He has invested in almost every major market and instrument, and almost always produced investment results better than market benchmarks, and in many cases significantly better. He has helped set up and manage six different investment organizations over his career, including Seagate Global.

Mr. Lawton was selected by Mr. Chen Yuan (now Chairman of China Development Bank) to help establish China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, as a modern central bank. He accomplished this by setting up risk management systems, investment strategies, and training staff in the early 1990’s. He was a strategist for China to insure a smooth return of Hong Kong to China in 1997. He was selected by China Everbright to set up their asset management department, launching one of the first private equity funds for foreign investors in China. He has been a Director of various CITIC Capital International funds since 2004. He also has worked with China Development Bank, COMPLANT, Sinomach, GMG, Sinosure, Trina Solar, Kunming Iron and Steel, Xinfadi Market, and many other Chinese institutions.

Over the last several years he has been working with several government agencies and private companies in the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and elsewhere on issues of importance to Seagate. These include community development, alternative energy projects and regulation, job creation, affordable housing, and food production.

Mr. Lawton is working to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims by supporting trade and investment opportunities in Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Mindanao in Southern Philippines, and Muslim areas of China.

Prior to founding Seagate Global Mr. Lawton held senior level positions and set up investment operations at Fireman’s Fund American Express, First Interstate Bank, Nikko Capital Management and Trust Company of the West. He is the inventor of the Lawton Bond Model, and conceived and executed the first swaption.

Mr. Lawton’s education was focused on economic development, finance and Asia: UC Berkeley, BA, Economics; Monterey Institute of International Studies, MA, International Economics; Columbia University, MBA, Finance. Mr. Lawton is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Adli Sapari

CEO, Seagate Global Capital Sdn Bhd

Mr. Adli manages Seagate Global Capital, including Smart Partnership Program in Malaysia. His responsibilities also include managing and overseeing Seagate’s energy and infrastructure projects in SE Asia. He has worked closely with Trina Solar (NYSE:TSL) to deliver Malaysia’s first commercial solar PV power plant under the Feed-in Tariff Program on a Built and Transfer concept. He works closely with private clients and government agencies in ASEAN countries, such as China, for the development of various projects with government support. He has 20 years of experience in the renewable energy and construction industry.

Mr Adli is experienced in large scale construction projects, construction materials, and sand mining. He was the former President for the Construction and Property Development Portfolio, Perak Malay Youth Chamber of Commerce and Executive Committee Member, Perak Malay Youth Chamber of Commerce (2006-2010).

He has a Masters in Geotechnical Engineering and Bachelors in Civil Engineering (Honours) from University of Technology, Malaysia. He has written research publications on the behavior of local steel H-sections subject to uplift, lateral and compression forces. He is the co-author of the book “Design Guide for Piles Using Locally Produced Steel Sections” published by University of Technology, Malaysia.