Company Introduction

Seagate Global Capital Sdn. Bhd. is a member of Seagate Global Group, an international consortium founded in 1996. Seagate Global has won numerous international awards in the field of investment funds, hedge funds and private equity including, GAIM Lausanne Global Winner for Top Global Fixed Income Fund, Barclays Best Performing Global Fixed Income Fund for 2002 – 2005, as well as Best performing Barclays Emerging Market Manager for 2002 – 2005.

Seagate Global Group has invested more than USD250 million on small and medium enterprises in Asia, and has acted as a strategic investor in these companies that have been listed on public stock exchanges in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Seagate Global Group’s investments on green technology has resulted in a profit of more than USD400 million and return on investment of more than 800%. This proves investing in environmental and humanitarian causes still generate high investment returns.

Seagate Global Group has invested in many countries, including China and Southeast Asia. For investment in Malaysia, Seagate Global Group, through Seagate Global Capital Sdn. Bhd., devotes the attention in the field of construction and project development which requires substantial capital investment to implement. This is a part of our Program of Global Excellence (POGE) which is focusing on the implementation of community based on investment program in Southeast Asia.

Program of Malaysia Excellence (POME) aims to help local Malaysian companies whom have been awarded contracts by the Malaysian Government under the Smart Partnership Program with Seagate Global coming in as their investment partner for equipment and material purchases.  The program is fully funded by Seagate Global Group, as one of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, where it is being implemented in countries such as China, Philippines and Papua New Guinea.